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Success Stories - CATS

Over the last eight years numerous organisations have improved their centre’s administration of qualification tracking through the use of CATS. As there are currently over 260 centres using CATS, it would be a lengthy process to cover all their successes! So here’s a summary of their achievements.

Benefits of CATS
The simplicity of CATS has developed confidence in administrators and assessors, and has the extending their IT skills considerably. This is becoming essential in the world where Awarding Bodies insist on centres using electronic databases and in the world of e-assessment and
e-learning initiatives which the Government, Topss England (soon to be Skills for Care), LSCs and other related organisations are promoting. The skills developed by using CATS has meant that the introduction of e-folio has been a natural progression.
“CATS is our secret weapon.” Manager, LSC funded centre

CATS meets the quality assurance criteria of all awarding bodies. EVs have found it very easy to follow audit and assessment trails. Reports produced by CATS (standard and customised) make inspection and assessment visits much simpler and cut down time for centres. One centre recently achieved a Gold Status commendation (rarely given) on the basis of their excellent recording and reports.
“Each inspection body wants different information and CATS provides it all.” Director, Training Organisation, N West

Achievement and tracking
This is simplified and reports show the status and progress of everyone in the system at any given time, whether historically or in the present. Centres have commented on how easy it is to identify the different aspects of a candidate’s, assessor’s and IV’s history.
“CATS is easy to use, and enables us to be fast, effective and efficient. The report building facility is excellent, the training is simple and easy to undertand and the support is first rate.” Manager, Training Organisation, Hampshire

Value of CATS
Time savings, assessor and candidate motivation increased, planning for inspections streamlined, improved centre performance, increase in IT and electronic assessment skills, improved inspection results, expansion of centre activity. . .The list could go on, but we think this paints the picture of success and achievement that centres tell us about.

As EVs from various Awarding Bodies have commented:
“CATS is a simple, straight-forward system that has enormous benefits for assessment centres.”

“CATS provides so much valuable information for internal and external verifiers.”

“CATS is an excellent tool for centre management.”

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