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Success Stories - e-folio

Having recently had their assessment process successfully Externally Verified, the Borough of Telford and Wrekin would like to share it’s achievements and feedback on the process with others.

Benefits of e-folio
The assessors and IV found that the time spent on the assessment process was considerably reduced by using e-folio. Having all the awards and candidates information in one place and accessible also cut down the time generally spent flicking through paper-based standards. Although initially worried about their own level of IT skills, the assessors were very impressed with the ease and simplicity of e-folio as they commented: "You don’t need any special IT skills to use e-folio.”

The EV was also complimentary about verifying the assessment process using e-folio saying that: "the process was clear and transparent" and he found it very easy to follow the audit and assessment trail.

Achievement and tracking
Before e-folio the centre was using a paper-based system but feeding the outcomes of assessment into CATS. This process will be simplified and streamlined with the links between the two systems currently in development.

Value of e-folio
Frances Tullis, IV, who had no doubts about the efficiency of e-folio or it’s cost-effectiveness: "The time saved means that the initial investment, both cost and time, has been recouped in the first year."

"I’ve been spoilt by e-folio, I wouldn’t want to go back to a paper-based system." Assessor

A comment that echoes the sentiments of e-folio users across the country.

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